Goat Creek Ranch

A proud member of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society


Welcome to Goat Creek Ranch Cleveland Bays. The Ranch is owned and operated by Heather and Gary Burns. We are one of the few breeders of Cleveland Bay horses in Canada. We have a stallion available for breeding on site and ship cooled transported semen internationally.

lower fields

"Western Canada is the ideal place to raise horses. You have the wide open area necessary. The young horse needs to move almost 24 hours per day. OUTSIDE. The skeleton must have the stress in order to develop in the proper way."
~ Dr Ingvar Fredricson

Dr Fredricson is the first non-military chief of the Swedish National Stud Flyinge 1982-1999. Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Anatomy, particularly in Biomechanics, at the Royal Veterinary College in Stockholm, Sweden. He pioneered the use of high speed cinematography to analyze the gaits of horses and has a large number of publications on the subject. Dr Fredricson is involved with many breed associations around the world, designing breeding programs aiming to produce outstanding jumpers.